Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Ice Storm (part 1)

Yesterday saw the start of the winter ice storm that the weather forecasters have been going on about for a few days. It snowed. It rained, There was sleet and there was freezing rain. School was cancelled in Carmel today and the public library is also closed. Actually school seems to have been cancelled everywhere in Central Indiana today. Ben is attempting to work from home as his boss advised everyone not to risk the journey into Indianapolis. The 2nd wave of the storm is due to hit this afternoon and continue into tomorrow. We still have power, for now. However, as everything runs on electricity, I am not sure what we'll do it the power does go out!

I have just been outside to check the car and see how icy it actually is. I did try to go out and put the trash in the dumpster but it was frozen shut! Trash pick ups have been cancelled for today anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Shoot, I'm sitting here all smug as we have plenty of food. Then I remembered - candles. No candles and no matches for that matter. Thanks....(hurries off to find some.)


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