Sunday, March 13, 2011

Travelling Soon.

This week we are flying back to the UK for the wedding of my little brother. We will be seeing Ben's family first and then driving up to Scotland for the wedding next week before returning to Indiana.

It's been almost 17 months since we left the UK and we've been settling into our lives here in the US.

When we get off the plane we are going to be really tired and I'm probably going to be really irritable as we are getting an overnight flight. I can't really sleep well on a plane as I prefer to be lying down to sleep. Plus I am aware I snore (sometimes very loudly) and that will probably stop me from really settling down to sleep.

17 months is not a really long time but I am sure that there will have been lots of changes. Both changes in the UK and changes with us.

We've gotten used to certain things that we probably take for granted now. Things like quick service in restaurants, bigger cars and cheaper gas/petrol (currently it is quite high and is about $3.50 a gallon, which makes it about £0.60 a liter).

We use American terminology for things now. It's not a toilet, it's a restroom. If you want an American to look at you like you are an escaped mental patient, tell them you are going to wash your hands in the toilet.

Z is going to be writing a journal whilst we are away so he can share it with his class when he goes back to school. Both kids are also going to be taking photographs so they can show their point of view on the trip.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone whilst we are there. I am going to try to meet up with friends and go out for drinks. I've already set up a reunion with a group of classmates from my high school in Edinburgh just before the wedding. It's just all the travelling I am not looking forward to!

We are planning on bringing back UK food and goodies from the trip. We are also going to be bringing back tat. Royal Wedding tat. Basic cheap UK tat that is good for a giggle.

The kids are looking forward to going over but it is going to be a lot for them to cope with. It is going to be a long journey over and a lot of travelling whilst we are there too. I hope they are not going to have to be 'on show' for the whole time. If they get crabby and irritable then so be it.

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  1. Probably won't be as bad as you think although the jet lag is pretty tough. When the kids go down for the night, it's like an afternoon nap and they wake up again at about 1am. Oh joy.


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