Friday, March 18, 2011

UK Trip. Day 2.

So, after about 14 hours of sleep I ventured out to meet a friend for lunch at a pub in Northampton town center. We went to The Eastgate (formerly Lloyds) on Abington Street. I had a chicken burger and chips. Good pub chips. I even had malt vinegar on them too. Very yummy.

I wandered around the town center for a while after lunch and had a look in  the shops. I saw some of the lions that have appeared in Northampton. Overall not a lot seems to have changed. It looks like time has stood still and all the same shops are there and the ones that were closed before are still closed. Although a Tescos Express is opening where Woolworths used to be on Abington Street and a rather odd little water feature/fountain type thing has appeared next to the Market Square. I bought a couple packets of Cadbury Buttons and a Dairy Milk bar but have been strong willed so far and not eaten them....yet. To be honest I am still stuffed from the burger and chips and don't even feel hungry for dinner yet. Ben has gone out for a meal and drinks with some guys that he worked with in Olney several years ago.

Today is Comic Relief day and K sported a rather fetching piece of headgear earlier. We also have red noses and a laughing soft red nose. I have told Ben I want to get one of the car noses so we can put it on our car when we get back to Carmel.

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