Sunday, March 20, 2011

UK Trip. Day 3.

As we are here for the wedding of my brother, and it is a Scottish wedding, it is necessary that Z get fitted for a kilt. Unfortunately due to time constraints we can't wait until we are in Edinburgh for him to get measured for a kilt. So, we decided to drag the poor boy into Northampton town center and get him measured at Debenhams and then call my mum with the measurements and sizes he would need for everything so my sister in law to be, Sara, could order his kilt. I am not totally sure if Z realizes what he is going to be wearing but he has seen his dad wearing a kilt so it won't be a total shock!

On Saturday morning, Ben took K out with him to meet a friend he hasn't seen since they were at school together, and I took Z into town to get his measured. The first stop for us though was Greggs and we got a sausage roll each and a donut. I had not had a sausage roll from there for about 2 years so it was really good to have one again.

I dragged Z into Debenhams and we spent about 10 minutes in total in there whilst he was measured. The woman gave me a card with all the measurements on it and I called my mum in Edinburgh to give them to her so the kilt et al could be ordered for Z for Thursday.

We then took a wander around town and looked in some book stores and toy shops before having our donuts. We called Ben to come and pick us up before stopping for a fruit smoothie and getting a weird little toy thing (bit like a fluffy snake on a stick that cost 50p)


  1. Looking forward to seeing him in the kilt.

  2. OMG Sausage roll, my mouth is watering just thinking about one, I haven't had one for nearly 4 years!!! I did try making them once but the sausage meat is just not the same here.


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