Monday, March 21, 2011

UK Trip. Day 4.

Sunday brought me another pub lunch. We went to the Toby Inn for a Sunday lunch as it was Ben’s dads birthday celebration. (His birthday is the same day as my brother’s wedding so we brought the festivities forward)

The kids, and grownups, had their plates piled high with food and we all had desserts that we probably wouldn’t normally have. Z had been going on about having a Sunday for about 2 or 3 weeks before we flew over so when he got his hands on the menu and looked at the dessert options he knew exactly what he wanted to have.

After a very filling meal we took the kids for a run around the park to burn off some of the food. We had their old scooter and go cart car with us so they didn’t have to walk a really long way. We also stopped off to look at the birds in the aviary before heading back to the house for a sit down and a rest before having some birthday cake.

On Monday Ben is due to be meeting up with some friends he used to work with and I am taking K into town to chose some birthday presents from her grandparents and I am going go into the Borough Council to drop off some forms to register to vote from abroad. We also hope to stop by the letting agents who are managing our house and sorting out tenants to live in it etc. Well, that is the plan anyway.

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  1. American here...what is all that on your plate at Toby Inn? Looks tasty. I see potatoes, peas, cauliflower(?), maybe some carrots, but what is the reddish thing at 7:00? Also, can't tell what's under the peas.
    Love hearing about your trip.


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