Monday, March 21, 2011

UK Trip. Day 5.

Plans often go awry. I had planned on going to the Borough Council to hand in the forms to enable me to vote from abroad. However, after a call to NBC (Northampton Borough Council not the TV network!), I had to cancel those plans. On the forms for registering to get a postal vote from abroad, it says you need a witness to sign the form. As I would be handing the form in to them in person, I thought I could bypass that. But the guy at the Council told me that I would need to get it signed and it needs to be done by someone who lives abroad, is a UK citizen and has a UK passport. If you cannot find someone to witness your form who meets ALL 3 requirements then you are stuffed and cannot vote from abroad! Luckily I do know British citizens who have British passports so when we get back to Indiana I’ll be asking one of them to help me.

I did take K into town and we got her some things for her birthday from her grandparents. We did tell her though that she would have to wait until it actually was her birthday before she could have them! She was a bit upset as we got her a little Lumpy toy from the Disney Store to replace the one she lost a few years ago. She lost the first one in Abington Park and we had not been able to find her a replacement since, until today.
Z is having a friend that he used to go to school with here come to visit shortly. They have not seen each other since the end of October 2009 so it will be interesting to see how they get on.

I saw this in Waterstones earlier today when I was out with K. Is it me or is there something a bit wrong with seeing the future King in his under crackers in a doll dress up book?!


  1. OMG what red tape, just so you can vote!!!

  2. The William & Kate paper doll book cracks me up!

  3. Really? All that just to vote?

    Sheesh and we wonder why here in the UK voting numbers are on the decline!

    And as for Waterstones that is positively classy compared to some of the Royal Wedding tat that is starting to appear on the shelves.

    Hope you enjoy your visit back home!


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