Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthdays, Haircuts Movies and Sunny Days

Friday was K's birthday and she turned 6. We had a cake that looked like a dog and  had a living room with silver stars all over the floor. (This is courtesy of a gift she got that has lots of little stars in with the wrapping.) She had a ridiculous amount of gifts and we were up watching her opening them at 6.15am! She was very excited and managed to open them all in about 5 minutes! She then proceeded to watch her new DVD "Tangled" and play with all the toys before we went out to the movies to see "Hop" with a friend of mine and her son.

Saturday meant taking K to get her haircut as she had been going on about it for ages that she wanted it shorter. We then went to Castleton Square Mall so she could spend her birthday money and she wanted to go to Build A Bear workshop and get a new bunny. Ben took Z to the new Lego store where he took part in building a huge Lego Buzz Lightyear and he got a Certificate of Achievement for taking part.

Today was a glorious sunny day and we decided to have a picnic in Cool Creek Park and then have a walk in the sunshine. It was about 29C/85F so we had to buy some sunscreen so no one would get burnt. Woo-hoo! Spring is here!

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