Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Family Fling

On Saturday we went to the Spring Family Fling at IU Health North Hospital (formerly Clarian North and the hospital that K goes to for check on her kidney)

It was a bit chilly out (well it wasn't in the 70s and was overcast). By the time we got there it was about 2pm and it was finishing at 3pm.

We all got a hotdog and a bag of chips and entered the raffle prize draw before wandering around the hospital looking at everything that was there for the event. K decided she wanted her face painted so I waited in line with her while Ben took Z for another look around.

A group of people that were at the face painting stand said they could listen to K talk all day as they loved her accent!

On the way out we picked up our raffle prizes. K chose a babydoll and Z chose a 6 pack of bubbles. We then had to go to Castleton as Ben wanted to get a t-shirt with a Union Jack on it for the Royal Wedding party we are going to. We also needed to get Z some shorts and new trousers as the ones he has are either too short or have several holes in them! That boy needs to stop growing or falling to his knees when playing outside!

On Sunday Z got his reward for getting 2 stickers each day at school last week. He decided he wanted to go swimming at the Monon Center. Whilst we were there I made inquiries about what you have to do to get the Adult Pass so I can use the pool/gym/running track/fitness center etc in my effort to lose weight and get fit.

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