Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tornado Warning

Yesterday we had a bit of a stormy day.

It was rainy with a little bit of thunder and lightening earlier in the day but it kicked off a bit more later in the night. The tornado sirens were going off in Carmel and surrounding towns as the National Weather Service in Indianapolis issued a tornado warning for the area. Local NBC station WTHR cancelled the finale episode of "Parenthood" and their FB page and Twitter profile was inundated with people complaining about the fact they channel was showing news about the weather and not their tv show!

We eventually woke the kids and took them into the storage cupboard under the stairs as we don't have a basement. Almost as soon as we got in the cupboard, the NWS cancelled the tornado warning!

We all settled back in bed around 11.30pm but the thunder, lightening, rain and wind was still really strong so I didn't get to sleep right away.

However, despite lack of sleep, we all still had to get up early so Ben could get to work and the kids could get to school for 8am. One good thing about the start to the day is that I made a discovery with the kids as we walked to school.

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