Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Trip

I saw this today when I was in school to do my volunteer shift in the Kindergarten Parent Center.

"The Trip
I was really excited because my dad told me that we were going to McDonalds. He surprised me and took me to a farm instead. I saw lots of horses. Some were brown. Some were balck. Some were many colors. I got to ride a horse. It was white with black spots. There were lots of baby ponies too. My brother was afraid but I really enjoyed riding the horses.
By K"

I would like to point out that this trip has never happened. Unless of course they all went out and left me at home without my knowledge. My daughter has an active imagination. Her stories always have lots of detail. I think this story may be something that she wants to actually do.


  1. Pretty funny. Well, at least she'll never be at a loss for words with such an active imagination!

  2. Great imagination! Had one little boy in my class who regularly swam with crocodiles on his holidays...

  3. Lovely. My daughter (now 18) used to tell such whoppers that the teacher would always have to clarify whether it was "fact or fiction".

  4. That's very impressive writing for a kindergartner. What a smart little girl you have there.


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