Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Car Grumble

I got a text from Ben yesterday asking me to pick him up from Meijer as it was hailing and he didn't want to skate home. I got the kids in the car and we headed off down Main St towards Meijer. A little way down the road the car seemed to hit something or go over something and I momentarily lost control of the car. The noise that the car had been making whilst moving over the past few weeks changed slightly and there was a new sound. I also noticed a burning smell and a little bit of smoke coming from the front passenger side tire. I managed to get to Meijer safely and we waited for Ben to arrive. I tried to jack up the car so I could look at the tire but the storm was moving in quickly and I gave up and just sat waiting. When Ben arrived we made our way home slowly and are now trying to work out what to do. I don't really want to drive the car again. I don't feel safe in it. We can't afford a new one and as we only have a year left on our current visas I doubt we would be able to get a car on lease. If the renewal process was started then it might be different I suppose.

At the moment the current gripes I have with the car are as follows:
1. Car bumper being held together with tape and string.
2. Leaking power steering fluid.
3. A/C not working.
4. A not nice word scraped into the side of the car.
5. Grinding, squeaking, squealing sound when car moving, turning and braking.
6. Brakes have previously failed.
7. Another problem had to be fixed but it escapes me

Other than that it is fine!

Meanwhile to entertain myself until I win the lottery and can afford a new car, I am looking at dealer sites to see what is available.

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  1. Sarah, seriously, don't get me started on cars. I'm in the same situation, driving a pile of junk which has been recalled by Ford twice, had a new transmission, is now rusting badly and I can't afford a new one, so I feel your pain!!!!



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