Monday, May 2, 2011

Arbor Day

On Thursday I took my merry little gang of Daisy Girl Scouts to the Monon Community Center and we planted 2 grey dogwood trees. It helped them earn their Clover award as part of their "Between the Earth and Sky" Journey.

It had been raining for a few days before we went to the event but it was clear skies on the day. Right up until we started digging! It then rained until we were done! The kids were covered in mud but seemed to enjoy themselves and managed to plant 2 trees. Z came along too and enjoyed seeing how deep he could get his wellies into the mud before it reached the top of his boots!

Once we were done I got the kids home and hosed them off before we went to collect Ben from the bus. We were going to the kids school as it was the 1st Grade concert and Z needed to be at school by 6.40pm.

When he took part in the Kindergarten concert last year, Z didn't like being on stage and did not sing many of the songs nor the actions with them. This year however he made more of an effort and he did sing and do the actions. If he does a 2nd Grade concert then he will be even more enthusiastic!

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