Saturday, May 7, 2011


Z has a rewards scheme going on at school to help him with his attention, following directions and getting work completed on time. If he does everything he gets 2 stickers from his teacher each day. If he gets 10 stickers in a week then he can choose a reward for the weekend. In the past he has chosen a book, an ice cream, going swimming and going out for lunch.

This weekend he wanted to go to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. As we are members we can go whenever we want but we hadn't been for a few weeks before todays visit. For a while we were going every other weekend!

When we arrived I was surprised to see a big Bumblebee Transformer in the welcome area of the museum. The kids had fun looking at it and running around the museum.

Ben wanted to check out the 'Incredible Costumes From Film & TV' exhibit that was on display as the exhibit is due to close tomorrow. The kids were not too excited about this exhibit and were more interested in other exhibits like Dinosphere, ScienceWorks, Take Me There: Egypt and store!

The next time we go to the museum will probably be when my mother in law is here visiting us at the end of May. The kids would go to the museum every week if I gave them a chance. There are some new exhibits that will be opening during the rest of the year that I think they will like. Only so many times you can go to the Barbie exhibit before you lose your mind!

We have definitely got our moneys worth out of the membership fees. (Not that we actually paid the fees though!)


  1. Sounds like a fab museum - I love them - I spent 5 hours in the imperial war museum once.

  2. Sounds like a great incentive for the kids to do well! We are struggling with our 13 year old to find the right level of incentives and disincentives i order to persuade her to do all her school work (she scores highly when she actually does it)! hehe!


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  4. Thanks for the comments.
    Abby, I *am* British so I guess I'm interested in GB. :)


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