Monday, May 2, 2011


We go to the public library in Carmel almost every week. Sunday afternoon seems to have become library day. I have 2 kids. One in KG and the other in 1st Grade. Add to the books in the basket, the books that my kids get from their school library and we have over 20 books each week! How many books do your kids get when they go to the library each week?

K has also discovered the dvd section of the library so we now have a dvd added each week. Luckily there has not been a repeat of the $10+ library fines again. Of course that was the reason we now go each week instead of every other week!

I am pleased that both kids have such an interest in reading and books. Especially considering that last year she showed no interest in books or writing. Now, if she finds a few sheets of blank paper, she writes notes, creates treasure maps and just recently has been creating books and newspapers that are even made in such a way that you have to turn the pages. Books open up the world and I am so pleased my children share my love of them.

It is teacher appreciation week at the kids school this week and they are giving cards to their teachers on Wednesday. I truly believe that their teachers deserve cards. Z's teacher has been great with coming up with a way to help him with his attention span, following directions and making sure he completes work on time. K's teacher has made learning fun and given K a real desire to read, write and create things.

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