Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wolf Cub Scout

Z has progressed up a rank in the Boy Scouts. He got his Bobcat badge and was a Tiger Cub Scout and he is now a Wolf Cub Scout.

We went to the Crossover Campfire that his Scout Pack had organized for Saturday and watched as Z got his new badge and book. We are not entirely sure what is going to happen with regards to his den as most of the boys in it are going to another school due to re-districting in Carmel. He'll probably be moved to another den and hopefully with boys that are in his class. He has said he is looking forward to going to camp with his dad in June and the pack leader has invited him (and one of his parents!) to go fishing with them. They go a lot during the summer and have said Z is welcome to go with them as he said he likes fishing. He went out with K and their dad a few weeks ago to a nearby creek and they actually managed to catch a fish in their nets. I saw a picture and it looked as big as my hand!

K is all signed up to do cheerleading again with Carmel Dads Club starting in August when school is back. She's looking forward to it and I think Z is looking forward to it too. He liked watching the cheerleaders practice and playing a game on the Nintendo DS whilst we waited for K.

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