Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2012 Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend

Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend registration information

At K's request we will be taking part in the All-Star 1 Mile Family Fitness Walk. She saw a load of kids with medals and official t-shirts when we went to the Carmel Farmers Market on the day of the marathon/walk this year and said she would like one too. She knows I have done 2 marathons and have 2 medals and she wants one too. It would go nicely with her cheerleading trophy! 

Boots, Sunscreen and Dicks Sporting Goods

I know that the UK has had a few hot a sunny days recently. We have had a few really good days here too and it is not going to cool down until about October! For most of the summer I think I'll need to buy a few bottles of sunscreen. To maximize protection I would probably be wise to buy some of this Banana Boat sunscreen! 110 SPF/UVB should do it I think! My dermatologist would be very happy with me! I do love spray sunscreen. It makes it very easy to deal with getting the protection on kids. Especially kids who won't stay still for long enough to slather on lotion! Plus it is not sticky and greasy like lotions. Big bonus.

When we still lived in the UK I would buy most of our sunscreen protection from Boots. You can get Boots products here but the stores are not as commonplace.

The local Target has a Boots stand and it sells No7 and Botanics products. There are Boots stores here but they are inside Target stores and not stand alone stores like you would get in the UK.

Ben had to go back to Dicks Sporting Goods at the weekend as his new roller blades had developed a problem and he wanted to return the faulty pair and get replacements. The member of staff he dealt with was very helpful and efficient and we did not have to spend very long in the store at all.

For the short amount of time we were in the store the kids managed to keep themselves amused! They were either pretending to be mannequins or were messing around near a Gatorade ad featuring Eli Manning. (I find the last one amusing as Z was wearing a Colts t-shirt with the number of Eli's brother Peyton on it!)


When I was a kid I loved to read. I still do. Z seems to have inherited this love of reading and I am beyond pleased. He can read quite complex words and at his last grading, he was evaluated as reading above grade level. That is always a good thing to hear! He loves to go to the library and to book stores like Barnes & Noble. He knows loads of facts and will quite happily share them with people. He has been known to have in depth conversations with kids and adults about various animals and ocean life. Several people have even commented to me that he has an impressive breadth of knowledge and knows what he is talking about. He will correct people when he knows they are wrong and will tell people where he learnt about things i.e books, his National Geographic Kids magazine or a program on The Discovery Channel or Planet Green or Animal Planet.

K is slowly getting into the reading habit and she is getting more confident in her abilities every day. She is embracing her creativity side and is enjoying making things. I gave her a craft kit when we finished up with Girl Scouts for the year and she decided to make it a few weekends ago.

It was a crystal window decoration thing that had to be baked in the oven.

She prepped her work area. And laid out the template. Her brother and dad had gone to a Boy Scout camp event so she was safe in the knowledge that no one would be trying to "help" her and end up getting crystals all over the place. (well more 'all over the place' than she does by herself!)

She started off by being very particular about certain colors going in particular bits of the design but eventually decided that mixing them up would achieve a nice effect too. Luckily pink and purple are 2 of her favorite colors so I scored bonus points for my color choices!

I put the tray in the oven to bake and melt the crystals and we watched a cartoon whilst it was 'cooking'. After letting it cool, we took it off the tray and broke off all the excess pieces and K was left with a pretty butterfly that we are going to stick to her bedroom window.

K enjoys creating things and expressing herself with color and design. She makes notes for people and little newspapers. She puts lots of color and details in pictures she draws whilst Z is trying to get details over color in his drawings.

Yesterday K decided that she wanted to be creative again. This time with food. She knew we had all the necessary ingredients and she wanted to make a strawberry smoothie. As soon as I said we would make a smoothie, she got all the stuff out of the fridge and freezer and set up in the kitchen to make her drink.

First she (with a bit of help from me) chopped up a load of strawberries and 2 bananas. She enjoyed laughing at the size of the strawberries. One even looked like 3 strawberries stuck together. There would have been more strawberries put in the blender but she ate several of them before they got that far! I am still happy with the fact that K loves fruit and veggies. If we get fresh fruit in the house we have to be quick and eat some before she eats it all!

Next came one of the most vital ingredients. 2 big scoops of vanilla ice cream. We are big fans of Edy's ice cream. Partly because of taste and partly because it is a really good price! I thought the 2 scoops would be 'kid size' scoops but they were more grown up size and it took a bit of coaxing to get them in the blender from the ice cream scoop! Finally we added a cup or 2 of milk and let the blender do its work. I am not totally sure why but K decided that she needed to hold onto the top of the blender. She may have been worried about the top blowing off!

After much whirring and blending I poured the smoothie mix into 2 glasses and let K be the first to taste her creation. She liked it. No added sugar or anything like that. Just fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream and milk. All mixed together that makes for 2 happy kids! The fact that the smoothies were quite thick meant that they both had fun making milkshake/smoothie mustaches! Our next try it supposed to involve blueberries so that will be part of the next shopping trip!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Undocumented Alien

I came to the USA legitimately. I have the correct paperwork to allow me to be here. I am not allowed to work so I don't. I volunteer and fill my time doing other things. I want to do things properly and do not want to put my future here in jeopardy. Or the future of my children. However, not everyone does it that way and some people get put in a situation that makes doing things the 'right way' very difficult. This man has just written an article about his life as an undocumented alien. What should happen to him? Should he be deported or should he be allowed to stay?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bridging Summer

We are now into week 4 of 10 weeks of no classes for my kids. Well, no classes in their school classroom. They don't escape learning whilst they are home! I dread to think how they would get on back at school in August if all they did was watch TV and do nothing at all educational! K has got the Summer Bridge Activities: Bridging Grades Kindergarten to First and Z has got Summer Bridge Activities: Bridging Grades First to Second. I would rather have them moan at me for a little while each day during summer and get them semi prepared for being back at school and up a grade. I am sure they will thank me for it.....eventually!

They both look so happy to be doing school work don't they?! It may not be the wisest thing in the world but as an added incentive to get them to do work, for each page they complete they can have an M&M. Today they both got 8 M&Ms after completing some work in their books. Also at the end of the summer break, if they have completed the whole book, properly with out scribbling all over it, I have said I will take them to Barnes & Noble and let them choose a book themselves that they want to have.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Toothless: Mark 2

K's first loose tooth has finally gone. She has been wobbling it with her finger  and tongue for a few weeks and tonight it finally came out. It was barely hanging on in her gum and, with a little help from her daddy, K managed to get it out. She is now in bed with it under her pillow and is waiting to see what the tooth fairy leaves her. (Personally I think the chances are quite high that she will get the same as her brother did when he lost his first tooth. $1)

2 Things

I have been a bit bad recently and have not blogged as much as I should. I have been doing stuff, I just have not been writing about it.

So I thought I would tell you about 2 things that happened today. First I went to the gym at the Monon Community Center and I dropped the kids off in the KidZone as they really enjoy going there. I had to drop Ben off at the bus this morning as it was a bit rainy. In fact on the way to and from the gym I had to drive through cones and past "Road Closed" signs as the road by our house was flooded! This was purely because of the rain we had this morning!

After going to the gym and coming home to relax I decided to sign me, Ben and the kids up for "The Presidents Challenge". I also went out and took a little video of the road by our house.

see, it's a little wet out there!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I saw this on a friends Facebook profile today. It has been many years since I last saw it. I had to share it again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Plans

As we are back in Carmel following our break away from Michigan, and the kids are on summer break, we need to have something to do each day.

Today we went to Muldoons for lunch and the kids enjoyed a leprechaun shake alongside their food.

Later on we stopped off at the Simply Sweet Shoppe on Rangeline for the first time. It really is like walking into a Willy Wonka factory The range of candy they have in there is amazing. Some of them really do have the best packaging!

Over the coming weeks we are going to go to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Conner Prairie, Monon Community Center Outdoor Water Park and many many visits to the Carmel Clay Public Library as the kids have signed up for the summer reading programs for children and I have signed up for the adult one. of course we will also be going to the Rock Museum during July for a week.

The weather is now sunny and warm so we will be spending a lot of time outdoors, unless it gets too hot.

Summer Vacation Begins

The kids finished at school for summer on Friday and on Saturday morning we went to Michigan for Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time and, as we rented a car, the drive up from Central Indiana was not too bad!

14 year olds & Green Cards

Did you know that you need to get a new green card when you turn 14? Do you know the reason why? No really, I'd like to know why. ...