Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boots, Sunscreen and Dicks Sporting Goods

I know that the UK has had a few hot a sunny days recently. We have had a few really good days here too and it is not going to cool down until about October! For most of the summer I think I'll need to buy a few bottles of sunscreen. To maximize protection I would probably be wise to buy some of this Banana Boat sunscreen! 110 SPF/UVB should do it I think! My dermatologist would be very happy with me! I do love spray sunscreen. It makes it very easy to deal with getting the protection on kids. Especially kids who won't stay still for long enough to slather on lotion! Plus it is not sticky and greasy like lotions. Big bonus.

When we still lived in the UK I would buy most of our sunscreen protection from Boots. You can get Boots products here but the stores are not as commonplace.

The local Target has a Boots stand and it sells No7 and Botanics products. There are Boots stores here but they are inside Target stores and not stand alone stores like you would get in the UK.

Ben had to go back to Dicks Sporting Goods at the weekend as his new roller blades had developed a problem and he wanted to return the faulty pair and get replacements. The member of staff he dealt with was very helpful and efficient and we did not have to spend very long in the store at all.

For the short amount of time we were in the store the kids managed to keep themselves amused! They were either pretending to be mannequins or were messing around near a Gatorade ad featuring Eli Manning. (I find the last one amusing as Z was wearing a Colts t-shirt with the number of Eli's brother Peyton on it!)

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