Saturday, June 25, 2011

Undocumented Alien

I came to the USA legitimately. I have the correct paperwork to allow me to be here. I am not allowed to work so I don't. I volunteer and fill my time doing other things. I want to do things properly and do not want to put my future here in jeopardy. Or the future of my children. However, not everyone does it that way and some people get put in a situation that makes doing things the 'right way' very difficult. This man has just written an article about his life as an undocumented alien. What should happen to him? Should he be deported or should he be allowed to stay?

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  1. I came in legally too, but despite all the time and money I spent doing it according to the book, I still have some sympathy for the guy, partly because even though he is illegal, as he was brought in as a child.

    Illegal immigration is a hot topic in the US though and in places like Arizona it's virtually explosive as I'm sure you know. At least there is space in the US and there is no NHS to exploit, or whatever. I guess there are other problems that illegal immigrants cause.

    My feelings are mixed on this though, I guess. :-)



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