Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Broken Pin

The little pin thing that I plug the laptop charger into is broken, again. This happened last year and I had to send my laptop off to Texas for repair. Luckily it was in warranty and all we had to pay was one way shipping to Texas repair facility. This year however the warranty has expired. I have just had an online chat with Gateway and have been told that it will cost $199 + tax and one way shipping costs for repair. Or I can try to find someone locally to fix it. (until then I am using Ben's computer)

Anyhoo, we are off on our roadtrip on Saturday. On the way back we are going to go through Alabama and possibly up past Memphis, Tennessee (and we all know of one person who used to live there) before coming back to Indiana. We leave Walt Disney World on the Friday and the rental car does not have to be returned until the Monday.

Anyone have any suggestions of places to visit in Alabama?

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