Sunday, July 31, 2011

School Spirit Wear

(I am currently using Ben's laptop so that is why I am able to post things today!)

Kids go back to school in a week! 9 weeks of summer break over already! Only 1 more week and we are back to getting everyone up at 6.30am to make sure everyone has breakfast and the kids and Ben have their lunches prepared for the day. Kids have to be at school for 8am and I hope to go to the gym around about that time on days I am not volunteering at the school. (we'll see how long that lasts!)

The day before school starts we are going to the "ice cream social" at school so the kids can get their supply kits and we can find out who their teachers are. We can also buy some "Spirit Wear" for the new year. As K managed to pretty much destroy her school t-shirt we got her last year by spilling paint all over it, we will need to get her another one. These are the choices for this school year. I think they are better choices that I would have gotten at my school in Scotland!


  1. They go back next week. Good Lord! Where on earth do you live?!? That's outrageous.
    I was a little puzzled by Sprit Week at our school a few years ago, until I realized that it was a national thing and just an excuse to sell shit with the school's logo on it.

  2. They do look really cute. I don't want summer to end :)


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