Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer heat, birthdays and Google+

We go on vacation at the end of this week to Florida. A week at Walt Disney World beckons us. I can't wait. I love Florida and Disney World and I am sure my kids will too. I need to take K to get a new Disney Princess dress as she wants to wear one when she meets a princess. Her Snow White one is currently a bit bedraggled and looks more like something Cinderella would be wearing before her fairy godmother paid her a visit!

We are hiring a car to drive South and it is just as well as our car's a/c is fecked and no way would we survive a drive down to Florida in it. We'd be killing each other after we died from the heat in the car! At the moment it has just gone noon in Carmel and the heat index is already 108°F! It is due to get to 110°F in a little while so we'll be staying indoors for most of the day I think! In fact the weather channel website has a severe weather warning telling people it is advisable to stay indoors. (There is a 2°F difference in the heat index between the Weather Channel and but either way you look at it, it is hot outside!)

As it was hot over the weekend we took Z and K to Indianapolis Zoo so they could run around in the splash park there. (Thankfully we have Zoo membership courtesy of my mother in law so we don't have to pay to go into the Zoo for the next year!) They had a load of fun and Z made a little friend who kept chasing him around the place. There were 2 boys there who were aged about the same as Z and K. The elder of the 2 seemed to have gold plated teeth and spent a lot of time crying. His mother kept telling him to have fun or she would "pop" him and she was going to tell his dad he had been crying. That seemed to put the fear of god in the poor boy and made him cry even more saying "Nooooo, don't tell daddy!" It seemed like his daddy would not approve of his child crying and would probably punish him for it. Gee, what a lovely family and they are sure to make this boy and his brother feel secure and confident in themselves! 

A week today I turn 35 and decided last night that I would like to go out with some girlfriends for a cocktail or two (or 7). I am not usually a cocktail type of girl, I’m more a JD on ice person, but thought it would be good to go out and have drinks that are stupid colors and most likely have daft things sticking out the glass! As we’ll be in Florida for my actual birthday, my plan is to arrange a night out when we get back.

I have managed to get myself on Google+ and am trying to work out how it all works and what I think of it. I am not entirely sure if it will work out in the long run but I’ll give it a go. If anyone would like an invite to join it let me know and I’ll get one out to you.

Well, I am off to have an ice cream and a cool drink. Actually I may just fill a glass with ice cubes and stick a straw in it! 

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  1. I'd love a Google+ invite if you still have some.

    Have a fun time in Florida. I'm jealous. I love going to DisneyWorld. They offered little girl Princess makeovers in Downtown Disney that your daughter might enjoy.


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