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K's Finger Sucking Challenge

K is a cute girl. (I am biased but I don't care!) Anyway, she has a habit that she has had since she was a baby. She sucks her 2 middle fingers on her right hand. She never liked a dummy/pacifier and would spit it out if anyone tried to give her one. A dummy/pacifier can be taken away from a child and they can be made to effectively go 'cold turkey' but it is not so easy when the thing your child sucks is part of them. You can't chop off their hand! K's dad did exactly the same thing with the same hand (although obviously his hand and not K's!). It has gotten to the point now that we really want her to stop. We can see her teeth starting to go a bit squint and we don't want her to have to wear a set of braces on her teeth if we can help it, and I'm not even thinking about the cost! So last week Ben found something online and bought it for her. It is a finger guard and she has to wear it for about a month or so to break the habit. She can't wear it a…

Planning and Irritation

I like organizing things. I like to plan stuff so I know what is going on and if I am able to fit in other things. Of course it is nice to just 'wing it' sometimes but other stuff needs forward planning. Especially if kids and a tight budget are involved.

I'm currently trying to work out field trips for my Girl Scout Troop (yes we are going to be going out and about this year as the girls new 'Journey' is "5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals" so I am thinking lots of animal related excursions, sorting calendars so I know who has to be where and at what time for Boy/Girl Scouts, cheerleading, swimming and other activities, anniversary break in Canada and look forward to our dinner reservation and what to do for Labor Day weekend. For the last one we're thinking possibly Chicago as everyone else seems to have been there recently and I wouldn't mind going up Willis Tower (a.k.a Sears Tower) to the Skydeck as we have only been to Lincoln Park Zo…


It is that time again. K is back cheering with the Carmel Dads Club. Her squad this year is Oakland Raiders. The uniform is black and white rather than blue and orange that she had last year. It looks pretty but as it is still very sunny and hot out, black is not a great color to wear whilst jumping around the place!

Yesterday she went to a cheer clinic at Carmel High School and met 2 cheerleaders from the Indianapolis Colts Cheer Squad. She met Ashli A and Emily G. There were a lot of dads there, much more than there was last year. K got a signed picture of the Colts Cheer Squad and they signed the back of her Cheer Clinic t-shirt. She also got her picture taken with them. (I am pleased they were not wearing their cheer uniform!)

We were given K's new uniform and she got to practice some cheers with the Carmel Dads Club Pup Cheerleaders. After 2 hours of cheering and clapping her hands K got tired and was glad it was time to go home. I think after being back at school again, wore …

SiriusXM Drops BBC Radio 1



[PLEASE READ EDITS AT BOTTOM. More information obtained since original posting.]

Usually I just blog about my family and our adjusting to life in the USA. I write about my kids and what we get up to. Today however I have been really irritated by something that happened this morning. I am not a morning person so if I am put in a bad mood then it is not good for anyone who should come in contact with me!

I got Ben a SiriusXM radio and subscription for Christmas just after we moved here. The only reason I got it was so we could listen to BBC Radio 1.

Every day since then we have had our alarm go off and BBC Radio 1 is playing on a 5 hour delay. Well, that was until this morning. This morning there is no BBC Radio 1. Instead there is a stupid message saying this...

Yes, I probably could hear the same songs on other Sirius channels. However, the BBC does not play the song…

1st Day Back to School - Their Thoughts.

Their views on their first day back to school.

Why Hello There!

It's been a while hasn't it?! Thanks to a very talented son of a fellow British Expat here in Carmel, my laptop is now working again and I can blog, tweet, Facebook and so on to my hearts content! (I would highly recommend my friends son, he is a Carmel High School senior as of tomorrow and he knows his stuff when it comes to computers!)

Anyhoo, what have we been up to recently? Well we went on our summer vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. We drove down, in a hire car, and stopped overnight with some friends in Atlanta before carrying on to Orlando. The kids loved Disney and as K was just the right height for a lot of rides she went on Expedition Everest, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Dinosaur, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and various other rides. Z was not so keen on the roller coasters but he really liked Kali River Rapids. At first he said he didn't want to go on it but by the end of the day he'd gone on it 3 times! He also went on Splash Mountain but…