Saturday, August 13, 2011


It is that time again. K is back cheering with the Carmel Dads Club. Her squad this year is Oakland Raiders. The uniform is black and white rather than blue and orange that she had last year. It looks pretty but as it is still very sunny and hot out, black is not a great color to wear whilst jumping around the place!

Yesterday she went to a cheer clinic at Carmel High School and met 2 cheerleaders from the Indianapolis Colts Cheer Squad. She met Ashli A and Emily G. There were a lot of dads there, much more than there was last year. K got a signed picture of the Colts Cheer Squad and they signed the back of her Cheer Clinic t-shirt. She also got her picture taken with them. (I am pleased they were not wearing their cheer uniform!)

We were given K's new uniform and she got to practice some cheers with the Carmel Dads Club Pup Cheerleaders. After 2 hours of cheering and clapping her hands K got tired and was glad it was time to go home. I think after being back at school again, wore her out more than she realized.

This morning I got her ready to cheer at her first football game of the season. The Oakland Raiders were playing Green Bay Packers. (We lost. I think the end score was something like 21-6)

It was hot and sunny and the girls were drinking a lot of water and trying to keep cool. They all were sprayed with sunscreen and then stood on the touchline to do the cheers for the team. At the moment they only know 4 so we heard the same ones over and over again. Practice is on Tuesday so they are going to learn more then. I think K does remember quite a few from last year but the other girls don't know them yet.

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