Tuesday, August 30, 2011

K's Finger Sucking Challenge

K is a cute girl. (I am biased but I don't care!) Anyway, she has a habit that she has had since she was a baby. She sucks her 2 middle fingers on her right hand. She never liked a dummy/pacifier and would spit it out if anyone tried to give her one. A dummy/pacifier can be taken away from a child and they can be made to effectively go 'cold turkey' but it is not so easy when the thing your child sucks is part of them. You can't chop off their hand! K's dad did exactly the same thing with the same hand (although obviously his hand and not K's!). It has gotten to the point now that we really want her to stop. We can see her teeth starting to go a bit squint and we don't want her to have to wear a set of braces on her teeth if we can help it, and I'm not even thinking about the cost! So last week Ben found something online and bought it for her. It is a finger guard and she has to wear it for about a month or so to break the habit. She can't wear it at school as it affects her ability to hold a pencil properly. Probably would have been best to do this during summer break but we didn't think about it then.

But, better late than never, we are starting now. I have even said to her this morning that if she can wear the finger guard without complaining I will give her $1 for each day, until it is obvious that she has broken the habit and is not just trying to milk me dry!

Fingers crossed it works and she gives up the sucking!


  1. wow that's so interesting! I've never heard of a finger guard..

  2. Good luck. I have a friend who's dad is an oral surgeon. Most of his young patients come because of the damage done by thumb and finger sucking. Do whatever you can to stop it.


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