Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Planning and Irritation

I like organizing things. I like to plan stuff so I know what is going on and if I am able to fit in other things. Of course it is nice to just 'wing it' sometimes but other stuff needs forward planning. Especially if kids and a tight budget are involved.

I'm currently trying to work out field trips for my Girl Scout Troop (yes we are going to be going out and about this year as the girls new 'Journey' is "5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals" so I am thinking lots of animal related excursions, sorting calendars so I know who has to be where and at what time for Boy/Girl Scouts, cheerleading, swimming and other activities, anniversary break in Canada and look forward to our dinner reservation and what to do for Labor Day weekend. For the last one we're thinking possibly Chicago as everyone else seems to have been there recently and I wouldn't mind going up Willis Tower (a.k.a Sears Tower) to the Skydeck as we have only been to Lincoln Park Zoo!

Plus planning things helps me keep my mind of the current state of our visa and if it will be renewed or not. I am remaining positive that it will as otherwise I would most likely get depressed. If any friends/family in the UK are actually reading this I am sorry to say that I do not actually want to return to live in the UK permanently. We are enjoying it here and would very much like to stay.

I am still irritated by SiriusXM decision to get rid of BBC Radio 1 from their channel line up and their decision to put it online (for a fee) is just ridiculous. They seem to forget the fact that it is online for FREE already. One thing that is really bothering me about it all is the fact the Sirius have not even had the decency to make an official statement about it and are just sending out cut and paste emails that don't actually say a whole bunch. Their customer service sucks.

Another irritation of mine is the pre-conceived idea that children that appear to be misbehaving are naughty or bad children. I wonder how many of the people who whisper and comment about seemingly out of control children, actually think about the fact that the child may actually be ill. I was told a few weeks ago, by his pediatrician, that my son Z may have mild ADD. He has not been officially diagnosed yet and his new teacher has an assessment form that she is completing for me and will give back to me after Labor Day. Once that is done we will return it and the assessment forms I have for me and his dad to complete to the Dr and we will take it from there. If he has indeed got ADD then we will deal with it. If he does not have it then we will move on. I love my son and his father and I will decide what is the best course of action for him. I do worry about what people may be thinking of him but I do not want anyone talking about him or us behind our backs. I do actually have very good hearing so if you talk about me/my children and I am nearby I will probably hear you. (I only appear to not hear some stuff but that is because I am choosing to not listen). I will defend my children and you do not want to mess with me as you will lose. If you don't want anything to do with me now then feel free to 'unfriend' me on FB. aaah. I feel better after that.

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