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SiriusXM Drops BBC Radio 1



[PLEASE READ EDITS AT BOTTOM. More information obtained since original posting.]

Usually I just blog about my family and our adjusting to life in the USA. I write about my kids and what we get up to. Today however I have been really irritated by something that happened this morning. I am not a morning person so if I am put in a bad mood then it is not good for anyone who should come in contact with me!

I got Ben a SiriusXM radio and subscription for Christmas just after we moved here. The only reason I got it was so we could listen to BBC Radio 1.

Every day since then we have had our alarm go off and BBC Radio 1 is playing on a 5 hour delay. Well, that was until this morning. This morning there is no BBC Radio 1. Instead there is a stupid message saying this...

Yes, I probably could hear the same songs on other Sirius channels. However, the BBC does not play the songs on what seems to be a 30 minute loop. Also Sirius does not have Chris Moyles, Sara Cox, Fearne Cotton, Scott Mills, up to date UK news....etc

Yes, I have moved to another country HOWEVER, I still like to stay in touch with what is going on in the UK and I LIKE THE SHOWS. It is not just about the music! If it was I would only listen to my iPod!

There was no warning from Sirius that they were going to be dropping the channel. In my mind that is bad customer service! All of a sudden it was just gone. According to the BBC Radio 1 Wikipedia page there are approximately 20 million+ listeners in the US and Canada on satellite radio alone! Did they not deserve enough respect to be told? They pay for the service so should be told of changes!

So, SiriusXM you need to get your arse in gear and re-instate Radio 1 to your channel line up! You have really dropped the ball on this one.

Scott Mills tweeted that he didn't know it was dropped. BBC Radio 1 PR didn't know either! Aled Haydn Jones a producer on the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show seems to know nothing about it either. Shouldn't the channels presenters/producers know there are not on Sirius anymore? Shouldn't the stations PR people know?!

EDIT (08/10/2011):  BBC Radio 1 have apparently said the following in regards to SiriusXM dropping the station from their channel line up.
We're sorry you're currently unable to enjoy Radio 1 via Sirius/XM. Thedeal which allowed Radio 1 to be broadcast in America recently finishedand has unfortunately, at the moment, has not been renewed by Sirius/XM.We're not sure if this is a final decision, so if may be worthcontacting them directly to express your view, but we would like tothank you for listening up until now.
Kind Regards,
Radio 1

I just got this email from Gary Schoenwetter at SiriusXM. (I did reply to this email)

BBC Worldwide Press Office have released an official statement about SiriusXM dropping BBC Radio 1

Even Jackie Collins wants BBC Radio 1 back! Greg James and Sara Cox have made sure our Tweets get seen!


  1. I am sooo upset about this! Literally the ONLY reason I got a satellite radio and the only station I listened to. In the morning, during long car rides, while running, and while cleaning/working. I literally can not function, those shows have become such a fundamental part of my life!!! I'm going to ask for the cost of my subscription back.

  2. Sirius'ly disappointed with Sirius XM’s decision to drop BBC Radio 1.

    Thanks to the US Justice Dept, we only have 1 satellite radio station and this now shows we have no voice or choice in the matter.

    Join the Voice:(and bring back BBC Radio 1 to Sirius)

  3. I didn't even know Radio 1 had been available on Sirius Radio. I have been listening to Radio 2 for years on the iPlayer on the computer or on Tunein Radio on my iPad and iPod Touch. Unfortunately I can't listen in the car but I listen to BBC Radio all the time at home and I love it.

  4. I was absolutely gutted on Tue morning when I tuned in to listen to the Chris Moyles show as I have every day since I got my Sat Radio...and it was a looped ad for an expanded new station. I find it so hard to believe this has occurred with no notice to Sirius subscribers.It was the only station on Sirius I listened to, and am SIRIUSly considering dropping my subscription if this is not rectified. This is in such poor form for a subscriber-based company.

  5. I am a Brit living in Canada. I drive trucks all over Canada & the USA and its great to listen to whats going on back in the UK and to have some good old British humour. I do like some other channels but Radio1 is the best because all the others just keep repeating over and over so you can only listen to repeats for so long. My wife who is Canadian also listens to Radio1 is also very dissapointed with the way it was dropped, we have subscription on 2 sirius radio's, we pay monthly, or should i say "WE DID" because if this is the way a subscription radio station treats its listeners then ill spend my money else where.

  6. Supposition of course - but no doubt this action by Sirius XM maximizes the finacial return for their other channels. They can now negotiate royalties directly with the record companies. Like myself most comments that I'm reading on the matter, people are serious about dropping their subscriptions.

  7. I dropped mine - can't stand any other stations - Thanks Sarah for the detailed post - - and nice to meet you on the fan page:
    Jennifer McIntyre


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