Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 10 Years Later

I usually have a lousy memory. I am lucky if I remember what I did 3 days ago never mind 10 years ago. I do however actually remember where I was 10 years ago when the 9/11 attacks happened.

I was working at Northamptonshire Magistrates Court and had just gone into the canteen for my lunch. I sat down at a table and was ready to watch Neighbours on BBC 1. However the news came on with the breaking news of what was happening in America. The bosses at the Court decided to send the admin staff home earlier as it was clear no-one was going to get any work done as they were all watching the news on the small tv in the canteen or were looking at online news at their desks. I went home and watch the horrific story unfold on the television. I had called Ben at his work to see if he knew about it and relayed what information I knew. We were in the final preparations for our wedding and were looking forward to our honeymoon in California at the end of November. Today when I watched some of the news and memorial events on television I still found it hard to watch. It is still very hard to believe that it actually happened. If it is hard for me, a grown up, to fully comprehend then how do I explain it to K who is 6 and Z who is 8?

Sunday is library day for the kids and we walked there in the early afternoon. As K and I neared Carmel Clay Public Library she noticed the flag was at half mast. She asked me if it was broken and I told her it was supposed to be like that. "Why?" was the response she gave and it was understandable. She goes by that flag almost every day and it is pretty much always flying high at the top of the mast. I said that 10 years ago some very bad people crashed planes into some buildings and a field and a lot of people died. Again her response was "Why?". What do I say to her? How do you explain to a young child without scaring them or upsetting them too much? We went into the library and I asked a librarian if they had any books that were age appropriate that might help K understand it a bit better but not go into too much graphic detail. A lot of books were checked out already but she suggested looking at the Patriot Day books. There were 2 books that we did get and I will look at them with both Z and K over the coming week. We got "September Roses" and "It's Still a Dogs New York: A Book of Healing" I just hope I can manage to get through reading them without crying. I just know it will be difficult because even though it is a book that for a child K's age and it won't be graphic but I know the whole story and I have seen the news coverage so that is what will go through my head. I really hope I can get through it otherwise it'll only make the kids ask even more questions!

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