Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Boy

My baby boy is now 8. I guess I can't call him my baby boy anymore. He got a lot of gifts and some money for him to spend as he wishes. Sharks and dinosaurs were a big feature in the gifts he got.

We went to Snapperz in Clay Terrace first. We had planned to spend about 2 hours there but ended up staying for about 4 hours! The kids loved it. They played on all the free stuff and I got a Play Card that I put $10 so they could do some of the other games. We managed to amass a lot of tickets that the kids could redeem for prizes. (I managed to get 1,000 tickets from a game and I also impressed 2 boys who were next to me when I won them!)

A friend of Z and K joined us and the ran around for most of the time we were there and managed to expel a lot of energy.

When we finally left Snapperz, Ben and I took Z and K to Red Robin for dinner. Z got a birthday sundae and a chorus of the birthday song from a group of staff. Both kids got a balloon too so K was happy as well.

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