Monday, September 5, 2011

Chicago, Illinois

We went to Chicago for the weekend. We crammed a lot in over the 2 days we were there.

We went to see The Bean and wandered around Millennium Park.

We went for a ride on the 'L' Train and around the Downtown Loop.

We walked down (part of) The Magnificent Mile and did a spot of people watching.

We went to the American Girl Store and did not buy a doll but did buy a little pet. A doll may be purchased for K as a Christmas gift. (Yes the pic is blurry but she wouldn't stand still and was very happy to be carrying that red bag!)

We went to the Lego store and bought a gift for a friends son as he was 7 at the weekend.

We had dinner at Gino's East and it may be the best pizza I have ever had! Bonus points were scored when we were waiting for about 5 minutes in a really long line of people where the wait time to get inside was about 45 minutes. Most people were there in pairs and we got pulled from line and taken inside after about 5 minutes as there was a table for 4 free! Result! The looks on the faces of people waiting in line as we went past them was brilliant!

We went to the Skydeck at Willis (Sears) Tower and stood on the ledge and looked down the 103 floors to the ground below us. The kids were a bit freaked out to begin with but managed to get over it and enjoyed looking at the view.

We went to the Museum of Science & Industry. The kids loved the Science Storms exhibit. We learned about (among other things) avalanches, tornadoes and lightening. The kids also saw some baby chicks and even got to see an egg hatch right before their eyes at the Genetics and Baby Chick Hatchery exhibit.

There are still things we would like to see and I am sure we will go back again and spend a few days there. To avoid exhausting the kids and having them moan and whine we decided to limit what we did. Plus driving from Central Indiana to Chicago is tiring and the drivers in Chicago can be a bit stressing!

I grew up in Edinburgh so I spent the first 18 years of my life in a busy city and now find myself in a small(ish) town. Could I live in a city like Chicago? Sure I could, but I am not sure I'd have a car as parking is a nightmare and very expensive!

I do like Chicago and I could very easily spend a lot of time wandering around the stores. Of course that would need to be done without Ben or the kids!

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  1. Yes, there's always tons to do, that's for sure!


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