Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chicago Visit

We are going to Chicago for the weekend and I am trying to workout an itinerary of sorts for the weekend.

Z wants to go to Legoland Discovery Center,

K wants to go to the American Girl Store (I will admit I am a bit freaked out that the dolls cost $100 and extra clothes are around $35!!),

and their dad wants to go to the Museum of Science & Industry

and I wouldn't mind just wandering around and being a tourist, oh and going to the observation deck in the Sears, sorry Willis, Tower!

*whispers* I also wouldn't mind going to see Harpo Studios.

1 comment:

  1. As a Chicago resident allow me to weigh in - The American Girl Store is right next to the new Lego store so you could kill those two birds right there. The Museum of S&I is fab but a lot to do. I recommend either the Shedd Aquarium (as it has a great jelly fish exhibition on, as well as dolphins and Beluga whales) and/or the Field Museum. Also a boat trip up the river and then out to the lake (which you can get from the Michigan Avenue bridge near the Wrigley Building.)
    Only do the Sears/Willis if it's a clear day otherwise you can't really see a lot. The other good one is the Observatory on the top of the Hancock building.
    Have a great time.


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