Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Swim Lessons

The kids started their swim lessons today at the Monon Community Center. It has been a while since the last round of lessons and I was hoping they would do well. Swimming with confidence is a great skill to have and as the summers are so long and hot here, swimming in the outdoor pools is a very common occurrence during summer break from school. We also have a community outdoor pool where we live and the kids spent a lot of time in it over summer break.

Z had concentration problems last time and I was really hoping he would do a lot better this time around as he is a little older and hopefully in the right frame of mind for it. He didn't let me down. He was great. He tried hard. He listened to the instructor and he followed directions. He even swam for short distances by himself without any flotation devices!

K had her hour lesson before Z had his hour lesson and she also tried hard and followed the directions given and listened to her instructor. I think she may have been a little cold though in the water as when she got out her lips were a little purple looking!

There is a few more weeks of classes for them and fingers crossed they will both pass! (So far K is the only one who has pass certificates)

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