Friday, September 30, 2011

Relaxing Weekend?

Usually I like to relax at the weekend and chill out with Ben and the kids. Not so this weekend!

K needs to be at Badger Field for 8.45am as it is the last football game she is cheerleading at this season. After the game the girls are all being presented with a trophy and are having cookies and a little mini party with the footballers. We will also get K's official cheer squad photos. She has had an individual, cheer squad and one with the cheer squad and football team. I then have to high tail it across town and take K to buy her friend Samantha a birthday card and gift. We then have to wrap it and have her sign the car before dashing over to Monkey Joe's for the birthday party. After a few hours of running around like a loon and having pizza and birthday cake, I'll be taking K (along with Z and their dad) to Castleton Square Mall. I need to get my watch fixed as I have been wearing if for almost 3 weeks but not being able to use it for its primary purpose which is telling the time! I also want to get a few bits & bobs before getting a bite to eat myself and then heading home to watch a dvd. K and Z are having their school pictures done next Friday so we need to make sure they have a nice outfit to wear and we also have to squeeze in a haircut for Z as he looks a bit scruffy around the ears.

On Sunday we make our weekly visit to the public library. Z is most upset if he does not go to the library to get new books every week. I want to go too this time and check out books for myself as Z has just been officially diagnosed as having ADD. We also need to get a cheap computer desk because when Ben has to work from home (which has been a lot recently) we don't really have a suitable desk for him to work at. The kids also have their swim lessons in the afternoon. I think their instructor looks like Bob from NBC's The Biggest Loser.

I also need to look for a Halloween costume....for myself! Usually it is just the kids who get dressed up but this year I do too. We have all been invited to a Halloween party and you are only allowed in if you come in costume! Last time I went to a fancy dress party I dressed as a nun. I chose a nun outfit as it covered everything and I was still trying to shift some baby weight after having K a few months beforehand. (Lets not mention that I am still trying to shift the weight now!) The party is on the 2nd Ameriversary of me and the kids living in Carmel.

Before I go, check out this rainbow I just spotted outside. If you look really closely you can almost make out the 2nd rainbow above it. It is really faint so you may not see it but believe me it is there!

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