Friday, September 16, 2011

School Spirit

When I was in high school there was not a great deal of school spirit. Don't get me wrong, my school was alright and was by no means a bad school. It just seemed that the students were a bit apathetic. There was no school sports events that could draw huge crowds or have teenagers willingly wander around, out of school, wearing something that had their school name on it. It may have changed since I left school but I doubt it. My school had a uniform and students only wore it if they really had to!

Now we are in the US and the kids have 'spirit wear'. There are lots of extra curricular activities for kids to get involved in. The high schools have sports teams that are featured in local news and in the sports pages of the newspaper. People pay to go and watch a bunch of teenagers play a sport for an hour or so. Police come out to make sure the roads are safe and there are no accidents. Of course if kids do well in school sports then they have a chance of getting a scholarship to help pay for college. I am sure that pleases parents because would you want to pay these costs?!

This week is Carmel High School Homecoming.

    1. home·com·ing
      noun /ˈhōmˌkəmiNG/ 
      homecomings, plural

      1. An instance of returning home
        • A high school, college, or university game, dance, or other event to which alumni are invited
     There were signs put up down Main St and along part of Rangeline in Carmel for a parade. The schools all had a "Spirit Week" in the week leading up to the parade.

    The school Z & K go to had different themes each day.

    In support of Carmel High School’s Homecoming Football game, Carmel Elementary will participate in Spirit Week.  Show your support of the Greyhounds each day next week!
    Monday:      Proud to Be an American Day (wear red, white, and blue)
    Tuesday:     Crazy Sock Day (wear your craziest or mismatched socks)
    Wednesday:  Twin Day (wear something that matches a “twin”)
    Thursday:      Favorite Sports Team Day (support your favorite team!)
    Friday:      Blue and Gold Day 
    We will watch the High School Homecoming Parade at 2pm

    The students and faculty at Carmel High School also made Playhouses that are being auctioned on eBay to raise money for various charities. You can bid on them here.

    I had not watched the parade since I have been in Carmel and today I went out to watch it and take some pictures with my phone. Z and K were there to watch it with their classmates. When they got home they told me they liked it and K said someone took a picture of her with her best friend. (She seems to have a new best friend every other week!) There is a football game tonight between Carmel and Lawrence North


    1. That's one thing the US loves is spirit. Hey -- we've traded places, I'm a US expat in the UK (for 20 years!)

    2. The Spirit thing still amazes me. Being cynical, I think half of it is so that the school can sell garments and items with its logo on, but then I'm British...


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