Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party

We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night. There was a stipulation that you had to go into costume. So the 4 of us obliged.

K chose an outfit that had lights in it! I mean what self respecting 6 year old girl wouldn't want to dress as a Princess with a dress that requires a battery pack?!

Z opted for a Ninja outfit as he got to use his Pirate sword that we got when we were in Florida over the summer.

I wanted to be comfortable and not show too much skin so I chose a prisoner outfit complete with ball and chain.

Ben was going to go as the Devil but changed his mind when his goatee beard growing did not meet expectations. In the end he opted to be Death. I am pleased he didn't glue anything to his forehead like he had said he was going to. However, he did managed to use ALL of the makeup remover that I had!

In the afternoon before we went to the party, I took the kids to a local cupcake store to get a free cupcake each. Holy Cow Cupcakes had said that any kid aged 12 or under who went to the store in costume, got a free cuppie!

In the evening we got our costumes on and piled in the car and headed to the party complete with my finger cookies and brain jello. We had a great time. Ian, who hosted the party with his lovely wife Lesley, is a professional photographer and he took pictures of everyone in their costumes. (The pictures may say copyright to me but they are actually Ian's work. I just have that copyright mark on all my photos now as a way to stop people pinching them) There was a costume contest and everyone voted for their favorite and Ben won! He never wins anything and was very happy! Some of the costumes people wore were absolutely fabulous!

On Monday we are taking the kids trick or treating. Yay, more candy!

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