Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Toy

My phone has been playing up for a while. It had a good run I suppose. I had it for almost 2 years and pretty much used it to death. It was time for an upgrade and the contract expired also. So, Ben took over the contract as his boss was paying for the phones. On Wednesday he went to Verizon with his boss and got us new phones. He has the Revolution by LG as he likes the Android platform. I got the iPhone4S. I have spent the last little while playing with it and getting used to the phone and what it can do. I have set up iCloud and as a result have yet another email address. I have added a few games for the kids as they will no doubt play with it. I have been asking Siri all sorts of questions and some of the answers have been very amusing. I am now trying to find a decent turn by turn sat nav app for it.

Technology is amazing and I can only imagine what Z & K will have access to when they are my age! If my grandparents saw the phones/computers/3D movies etc that are around now they would be astounded!

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  1. I love mine! (I don't have the very newest I-phone and I know I under-utilize it hugely, but it still amazes me.) Like how I can plug it into my computer and bingo - my calendars are synched!


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