Monday, October 10, 2011

Visit to Nashville, Indiana

We made our 2nd visit to Nashville, Indiana this weekend. We went last year and enjoyed the scenery so decided to go again yesterday.

It was a glorious sunny day so we headed south equipped with camera and a little bag of snacks. We did plan on eating out whilst there too though but it is always handy to have snacks on hand, especially with my kids!

On the way there and back we went past dozens and dozens of bikers. Ben commented on the fact it was a good day for a ride and that he would like to be able to ride a motorcycle. He is planning on learning soon as one of the things on his 'list' is that he wants to ride a Harley through Monument Valley. On the way home we saw a huge group of bikers who were on a charity ride to raise awareness of teen violence.

I know we have not hit the peak of Fall foliage colors yet but it was a nice day out and we got some good pictures and the kids had a great time.

They had local grown corn and some ice cream from Ferrin's Ice Cream  & Yogurt Depot like they did last year. The kids also went and sat on the stairs outside like they did last year. Z did ask on the way there if we were going to go to Nashville every year to look at trees and I said it was only our 2nd trip there but I couldn't say for sure what we would do next year. (We may not be here next October as our visas expire in September 2012)

We found the spot where we took a picture of the kids last year when they were sitting on a hay bale. By a bizarre coincidence Z was wearing the same t-shirt as he wore last time.

It is nice to see the colors of the trees change. If you had told me when I was a kid that I would be willing to drive for an hour or so to look at trees changing color I would have laughed in your face! However, I do enjoy these trips and I love the colors that some of the trees. Some trees turn from green to such a bright red color that I find it impossible not to like it.

Here is a couple shots of the last big group of bikers we saw on the way home from Nashville.

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