Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10th Anniversary Visit to Canada

Our wedding anniversary was on Thanksgiving Day this year. As it was  our 10th anniversary we decided to go with the kids to Canada. Niagara Falls to be more specific. I was last there about 17 years ago so I was looking forward to going again.

We left right after the kids got out of school on the Wednesday and stayed in a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio for the night before continuing on to Canada on Thursday morning.

We were hoping to go on the Maid of the Mist but it was closed for the winter season. We did consider doing a Journey Behind the Falls tour but decided against it.

We did wander around the area and took lots of photos. Ben also got to rollerblade near the Falls and he was very pleased to check that off this wish list of things to do.

We stayed in a very nice hotel. The kids loved the fact that the bathroom had a window with a retractable blind and a whirpool tub!

We were on the 22nd floor so got a great view of the Falls from our window. One downside of being on the 22nd floor is that when the fire alarm went off, like it did at 3am on Saturday morning, we had to walk down 22 flights of stairs! I had to carry K the whole way as she was sleepy and didn't put her shoes on before we left our room.

We had dinner the first night at the Hard Rock Cafe. We were going to go to the Skylon but the prices were just a little bit too high for us.

Overall the weather was really good for us. It wasn't warm but we were in Canada at the end of November so would not have expected it to be warm.

I went to the casino opposite our hotel on Friday night. I bet $20 and won $201.95! We used that money to get some treats and have dinner out on Saturday evening.

On the way back we got to the Rainbow Bridge to come back over to the US at 9am and sat in the car waiting to hand our passports over to the CBP Officer. The car in front of us did get us a bit worried though.

They drove up behind the car in front of them even though they were supposed to wait at the Stop sign until it was their turn. Their licence plates were from New Hampshire and had 'Live Free or Die' on them. When it was their turn the driver handed over what looked like a drivers licence and a piece of A4 paper. The CBP Officer then put something under the car to stop them driving off. Next thing we know 6 CBP Officers are surrounding their car and asking them to get out. After a few minutes they finally emerged. The driver was a young Asian looking man of around 18 or 19 and the passenger was a very old white man of about 80. They made for a very odd looking pair. When it was our turn we drove up and handed over the 7 passports for the 4 of us. The CBP Officer looked at them and then asked us all individually where we were from. When he asked Z where he was from Z said "England. Can't you tell by my accent?!" The officer laughed and gave us our passports back and said we were good to go. We didn't get new I-94s in our passports though as we were told the ones we had were still valid.

We then drove back to Indiana. From the time we left the border to the time we got back home, it took us 12 and a half hours. It rained almost the entire time! Z and K did well to not go mad with boredom in the back of the car. They watched some movies and read some books they had brought with them whilst the light was good.

We all had a great time and enjoyed our visit to Canada.

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  1. Looks like a fun trip..I love going to Niagara Falls.


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