Saturday, November 12, 2011

"British" Pub Food? I Don't Think So

I use the term British Pub Food very loosely!

After hearing good things about the Red Lion Grog House in Indianapolis, and quickly reading some reviews online, we decided to go there for lunch.

We will not be going again! The menu sounds decent enough and the pictures are ok but my meal did not look like the picture on the menu!

Under no circumstances could the fish and chips I had, be confused with fish and chips you would get at a pub in the UK.

The "Fish and Chips" were very fatty and I could taste the oil in the fish batter. If they want to do proper 'English' fish and chips then they need to do steak fries.  The fries were very dark and looked like they could have been the end of a batch or been in the fryer for a while as they were not golden by any stretch of the imagination.

Ben thought the fries were made with old potatoes due to their consistency.

The Scotch Egg I got as a started was alright but I have had better. Ben got the chips with curry sauce. The curry sauce tasted a bit like Homepride Curry Sauce but with a bit more curry powder mixed in without being mixed very well.

The rice that came with Ben's Chicken Tikka Masala was VERY sticky. There also wasn't a lot of it and what he did pick up on his fork seemed to all come at once.

Service was quick and relatively pleasant. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and there was only about 7 or 8 other people there so if the service had been slow I would have been very annoyed!

As I am a British Expat living in Indy so maybe I had higher expectations after reading through a few reviews. I am doubtful I will try the food here again.


  1. I tend to avoid British themed pubs and restaurants. Even those run by expat Brits. They're just not the same. Ever.

  2. Hehe! (Giggling at expat Mum's comment!)

    The only "British" food I've eaten here is the stuff I've made myself from raw ingredients!

    There is good fish and deep fried food in Florida, but I try not to compare it with fish 'n' chips as yes, it's different.

    I think I will carry on staying from British themed food. I go to Irish bars, though, which is kind of similar.

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