Monday, November 7, 2011

Joint Swimming Lesson

Z and K have started swimming lessons again and for the first time ever they are in the same class. As they are almost 2 years apart in age we have gotten used to them always being in separate classes but as K has been slightly more confident in swimming that her older brother, she has caught up with him and is now in the same level class as he is.

Ben and I were worried that they would just chat with each other and not concentrate on what their teacher was telling them to do. If they have had to do anything together before they almost always mess around and don't do what is asked of them.

We didn't need to be worried. They each seemed to forget that the other one was there! They both chatted with the person next to them but made no attempt to speak to each other.

Also by a bizarre coincidence their swim instructor this week was English!

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