Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Phone App I'm Currently Enjoying

I got the new iPhone 4S when it came out a few weeks ago. Just recently I discovered a camera app where I can play around with the photos a little bit. I hadn't been aware of or Hipstamatic at that point. The one I have on my phone is camera+.

I have been enjoying taking pictures of my kids, me, around Indianapolis and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis and playing with the features of this app to enhance the photos.

I may be slightly obsessed now! I found myself taking pictures today of  things I would not ordinarily take photos of!

I will keep taking regular pictures but it is too much fun playing with the color and giving the pictures borders. I just have to do it!

I will have to find out if there is a computer program or something I can download that will let me play with photos I already have on my computer.

Too much fun!

I think I may have an addictive personality!

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