Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gearing Up For Christmas

Been a while since I last posted something here. Apologies for that. We have been getting ready for Christmas and sending cards and packages back to the UK. I sent some school photos of Z & K to their grandparents and uncles via 1st class international Airmail on December 5th and they have yet to arrive! I am getting a bit worried as they cannot be replaced!

We ordered a special gift for our parents that tie in with something I included in with their Christmas cards. The Christmas cards were sent on December 5th also and have all arrived which makes the missing photos even odder!

My dad and brother sent me money so I could get Z & K Christmas gifts and Ben's parents sent 2 boxes full of stuff for us so it is safe to say that the kids will once again be spoilt on Christmas morning. I did manage to slice one of my fingers trying to open one of the boxes as I think it had the equivalent of a full roll of gaffer tape on it!

Ben and I already have our Christmas gifts as we got our new iPhone4S a month or so ago. Add to that the map I bought from Snow Home and the bracelet I treated myself to from the party I went to a little while ago. It is safe to say I have had a lot of early Christmas gifts.

I got an message on Twitter and FB from someone telling me about Not on the High Street but as I don't like giving my email address out on a public forum so everyone can see it I didn't get back to her right away and the FB message went to a rather odd folder I didn't realise I had called 'Other', I didn't have a chance to look at it properly until now. Another friend also mentioned the website on their blog and I ended up having a mooch around the website whilst still in my pjs this morning. (Always enjoy shopping in my pjs!)

Anyway, now I have had a chance to have a look, there are quite a few things I would get. (Not everything can be shipped internationally though it seems). If I were to get anything (regardless of where it could be shipped) from the site, I think they would be: this print or this bag for me. For Ben I would get him this phone cover or this print. For the kids it would have to be this (one for each of them) and this dress for K and this t-shirt for Z.

Biggest thing happening this Christmas is that it will be our last one in Carmel as we will be moving to South Carolina in early 2012.

We are going to be spending Christmas Day with a group of lovely fellow Expats who we will miss terribly when we move.

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