Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Begins

...and it begins with a fab party and then almost immediately Ben leaving for South Carolina to undergo a month of training for his new job. He will be away Monday to Friday for around 3 weeks and then will work remotely from Indiana. We have to find somewhere to live in South Carolina that is affordable and in a good school district. (We have been lucky with the Carmel Clay School district and would like to find one similar)

Z and K are adjusting to the idea of moving although I am not totally certain K understands that she will not be able to see her 'BFFs' all the time.

I am still not going to be able to work but if all goes well then we should get an application for Greencards put in for us and that will change our situation. It would enable me to work, us to sell our house in the UK and buy something here and for us all to feel a bit more secure living in America. Until we have those little cards, we really don't know how long we will be here. It is a lot of uncertainty and I am sure a lot of people would not be able to live with it. It is difficult but we made the move and with it come sacrifices. I don't think I would be able to be one of those people who stays in the same town all their lives and only leaves to go on a 2 week vacation once a year. It is a big world out there and we want to see it. Z & K got their passports when they were almost 3 and 1 year old respectively. They are still in single digit ages and have already been to France, Portugal, Majorca, Canada, Florida, Georgia, N Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois. Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and of course Indiana.

We will miss Indiana when we move and all the lovely people we have met here, but of course you have to go where the opportunities are. Plus we do of course expect our friends to visit us in SC and we will still visit Indiana. :)

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