Saturday, February 4, 2012

Future Performer?

K spent Thursday and Friday performing in front of a large crowd. She wasn't shy or reserved about it at all. (The complete opposite of me)

On Thursday she was in her schools 1st Grade concert. She had to go to the mike at the end and say "We really do live in a wonderful world". She was losing her voice and managed to ilicit a big 'aww' from the audience.

On Friday she was in the Cheer Clinic at Carmel High School. They did a performance in between the JV and Varsity Basketball games. K was in the 3rd row at the very end. She was jumping all around like a loon and not at all fazed to be in front of a big crowd.

With the confidence she has, I would not be surprised if she ended up as a performer. Whilst Z says he wants to be a scientist or a paleontologist, his sister says she wants to be a singer or a dancer when she is older.

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