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Hello. Remember me? Still here!

Well, we are almost totally unpacked. There are still a few boxes that have bits & pieces in them and we have a bunch of pictures to put up, but otherwise we are in!

The kids started their new school a few days after we arrived and they are loving it. The school bus comes at 7am for them and class starts at 7.40am! A little earlier than their other school!

We were a bit concerned about how they would do, especially Z with his concentration 'issues' but we need not have worried. On his 2nd week in his new school, I got a call from the school to tell me that Z was in the office. (cue me being a bit worried!) I was then told that Z was the 'Best of the Bunch' in 2nd Grade that week. Out of all of 2nd Grade he was the BEST student of the week! I was so proud of him I almost cried! He has done brilliantly settling in to his new class and he is making friends at school and in the neighborhood.

On their 2nd day at school the class pictures were taken so the timing was great…