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A "Little" Update

Once again, apologies for the radio silence. I wish I could blame unpacking but I can't. I've just been lazy!

So, what have we been up to in the last month?

I went to the hairdressers and got my hair cut and colored by a professional for the first time in a year! It is amazing what a good hair cut can do for the spirit.

We have been to the beach again , several times. In fact we have been to the beach so much that we need to buy more sunscreen! I think the SPF will need to be higher though. I got a bit of sunburn on Tuesday. My nose would not look out of place on Rudolph!

I had taken the kids to the store to get some beach chairs and some snacks and ended up buying Z new swim shorts and K a new bikini! She did get a bikini for her birthday but the bottoms were a little bit loose so she asked for another one she could wear in the meantime.

We went down to King Street in Charleston for the day on K's birthday as it was shut off to traffic and we had lunch at 'Old Towne Gri…