Thursday, April 12, 2012

A "Little" Update

Once again, apologies for the radio silence. I wish I could blame unpacking but I can't. I've just been lazy!

So, what have we been up to in the last month?

I went to the hairdressers and got my hair cut and colored by a professional for the first time in a year! It is amazing what a good hair cut can do for the spirit.

We have been to the beach again , several times. In fact we have been to the beach so much that we need to buy more sunscreen! I think the SPF will need to be higher though. I got a bit of sunburn on Tuesday. My nose would not look out of place on Rudolph!

I had taken the kids to the store to get some beach chairs and some snacks and ended up buying Z new swim shorts and K a new bikini! She did get a bikini for her birthday but the bottoms were a little bit loose so she asked for another one she could wear in the meantime.

We went down to King Street in Charleston for the day on K's birthday as it was shut off to traffic and we had lunch at 'Old Towne Grill & Seafood' and then had some ice cream from Belgian Gelato. As it was Easter Sunday and the kids had both had candy as well, we went to the Pirates Cove play park on Daniel Island so they could run around and wear themselves out.

When we were wandering around King St, I noticed a lot of men in military uniform. I guess that is because we are near to The Citadel and Charleston Naval Base.

To get to Charleston from Mount Pleasant you have to go over a bridge and the Arthur J Ravenel Jr. bridge is a great bridge to cross. You can run, skate, bike across it as well. Ben has rollerbladed over it and he said it was a good skate. There is the Cooper River Bridge Run too every year. This year the run brought one runner fame when he was declared to be a 'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy'

I also won a competition a couple weeks ago where I got sent a bundle of books from the British Babes Book Brigade and a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster. We have framed the poster and put it up in the hallway.

The kids and I drive to Daniel Island to pick up Ben every day and we have been looking in the pond next to his office for the resident alligator. We have seen it from afar a few times but one one occasion a week or so ago it swam straight in our direction and just seemed to be staring at us from the water. It didn't get out of the water and there was a fence in front of us, but it was creepy none the less! (Let it be noted that this fence just suddenly stops at either end so the alligator is not very well contained and it can, and does, get out and into the car park!)

I have finally gotten around to registering both kids with a pediatrician. Next stop is to get K sorted with a nephrologist and both of them sorted with pediatric ophthalmologists. Such long words and fancy names. Did you know that those names are code? They are code for, 'this is going to cost you a lot of money'!

We finally got the a/c fixed in the car. The fact that the average temperature is constant around the 25C mark meant that we needed to do it. We looked at buying a new used car but after test driving a few lemons, decided to just fix the a/c in the minivan. It ended up costing about $800 and we also got 4 new tires. Now we can go out in the car and not worry about looking like we have just gotten out of a shower when we get to the our destination!

We also went to the Summerville Flowertown Festival and I actually ended up almost walking into a bunch of pipers! Not exactly what I was expecting to see in South Carolina but there you go! The kids had fin wandering around and trying free samples of stuff. They also liked the 'small' bag of cotton candy they got for $3. If that was the small bag then I dread to think what the large bag would look like.

One thing that I do like about living in South Carolina that I hope never gets old, is driving past all of the palm trees. I think they are actually palmetto palms, but I think just palm tree is fine. The drive to Ben's work in the morning is usually a lovely drive. The kids school bus is gone by 7.10am and once I drop him off at work I am home again before 8am and have the day to myself until about 3pm when the kids get home from school. I am tempted to start doing a photo a day, or as close to daily as I can, of the beach/ocean. Someone I follow on Twitter does it from their home in California and iot would be cool if I did it too.

Oh heck, this was going to be a small update. I think I got a bit carried away.

Feel free to go away and come back again if it is all a bit much!

I promise the next post won't be as long because I won't leave it as long!

Oh, yeah, one other thing has happened recently. I was called today by a reporter from The Telegraph as they are doing an e-book aimed at Brits who are planning to move abroad. The journalist found this blog and contacted me on Twitter to ask if I would be interested in helping with the America one. I spoke to her on the phone for about 45 minutes this morning. I now have to wait and see what is used from what I told her. She has just emailed me to ask for a photo that can be used alongside my interview. G'ah, that is going to prove tricky! I hate having my picture taken. Guess I should look for something though. Maybe I can convince Ben to do a bit of photoshop wizardry on one.

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