Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schools Out & Summer is Here.

The kids have settled into their new school well and have made friends easily. Kids always seem to do better than the grown ups.

K was in a reading program, like she was in Carmel, to help with her reading as she was not quite reading at Grade level. She came home on the last day of school and had her progress report saying that she was reading at 2nd Grade level. This was fantastic news. She has gained so much confidence in her reading ability and she will happily pick out chapter books at the library. Z continues to read at the grade level above what he is in and is branching out into chapter books that don't contain dinosaurs! He's reading the 2nd book in the "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" series. He also has a "Ghost Buddy" book by Henry Winkler that he wants to read.

Both kids have stuff to do over summer to help them maintain their brain function for when they do go back to school. K is reading a small chapter book out loud to me every morning and Z is doing a packet of work his teacher gave him. He needs to work on his math skills as he does struggle with it.

K went to see her new nephrologist at the start of May and has to go back to see him next year. She was supposed to have a blood test done the same day but me being the idiot that I can be, didn't take her for it. When we went back last week for her ultrasound, I went early under the guise of making sure I didn't get lost and managed to find a parking space. However, it was because I wanted to see if I could have her blood teat done first. All was fine until we got to the room where they take blood and K realized what was going on a started freaking out. She cried for about 5 minutes and only calmed down when I gave her a cookie. She didn't mind the ultrasound at all and liked watching the screen and seeing her insides. (Note: All is fine with her healthy kidney and not a lot has changed since her last check in early August 2011) When she was seen in Indiana and we got all the bills for seeing her nephrologist there, ultrasound and blood & urine tests, the total was about $1500. This time we are getting a bill for $324.49 so that is a lot better! It will be helpful especially if she does end up needing eye surgery at the end of the year.

Z will, hopefully, be having a formal assessment to see if he has ADD. His 2nd Grade teacher said that she thinks he does and that he does struggle with attention and following directions and keeping on task. This is also what his last teacher in Carmel said. They both said he is a very intelligent boy with an extensive vocabulary but if he focused himself he would be able to show just how smart he is.

We are nearing the end of our 2nd week of summer break from school and 10 weeks left. If the weather will be anything what the next 18 days are going to be, then we will be by the sea for most of it!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your Blog, we are having similar temperatures to you at the moment,
    Best Wishes John


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