Monday, July 30, 2012

American Health System

I can only imagine who will find this post after I put that title!

The American Health System gets knocked quite a bit and President Obama's efforts to make changes and both applauded and scorned. (I am keeping my opinion about those changes to myself.)

One thing that is noticeably different between the NHS and the US system is the speed at which you get seen by a Dr. When I had my mole removed a while back, the time between me seeing my Dr and the mole being removed was about 4 or 5 weeks. When I took the kids to their new Dr here in South Carolina, I said they both needed to be referred to an ophthalmologist and K needed to see a nephrologist. I had letters with appointments scheduled within 4 days. I recently went back to the pediatricians office to arrange for Z to be assessed for A.D.D and I was offered an appointment the following day.

We have tried positive reinforcement for Z with regards to his attention and concentration issues in school for a while now and stickers only get you so far. He was assessed in Indiana and his Dr there said that he did have A.D.D but as we moved to South Carolina very soon after that, we did not go any further with the assessment.

I took Z to the Dr and we spoke with them about how he gets on in school, what we have done etc. They had his papers that were sent down from Indiana so they had that to go on too. We left with a prescription to try to see if that helps him. We got a 30 day supply and have to go back the day before school starts to review it and change the dose if needed. I checked online with our medical insurance to see how much the cost would be for the prescription and the brand name would be about $75 for the month supply and the generic would be about $20. In the end I chose the generic option and was charged $10 for it. The Dr's office visit was $85 as we had already had the 'well child' visit and the assessment is usually done then. (I forgot to mention it then as I was more focused on making sure they got their eyes and kidney issues referred to specialists.)

We seem to be doing OK so far and there are no obvious side effects. I hope this helps him concentrate in school as it is in 3rd Grade that they start the PASS testing.


  1. Well..I don't want to spat with you but don't forget, you have decent health insurance and geographical luck on your side. Coincidentally, I am having a mole checked soon but it took me two hours the other day to find a dermatologist who could see me before October, and only then because it's a cancellation. My pediatric check-ups require 2-3 months planning and my OB/GYN about the same. And we're self-employed (as well as employing about 100 other people whose health insurance coverage we pay for) so our insurance premiums are in the tens of thousands each year, and we have a huge deductible.
    Oh, and the medication for my teens' acne costs me about $500 every 5-6 months.
    If you're in our position, or you have no health insurance at all, it's not always a pretty picture.

  2. Oh and I almost forgot - Good luck to the Little Guy :-)


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