Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Long?

We have been in the US now for almost 3 years. Hopefully the green card process will start for us at the end of the year. Ben's boss seems keen and has told us to tell him what he needs to do and when, so I am hopeful that it will be relatively smooth sailing when it comes to actually getting it all off the ground.

Anyway, as we don't really know exactly how long we are going to be in the US for, we need to make the most of it. Since we arrived in Indiana and subsequently moved to South Carolina, we have been trying to see as much of this country as we can afford to. Being on 1 salary sucks. So far we have been to various places around Indiana as that was fairly easy to do for day trips. We have also gone to Chicago, Illinois and ventured along a bit of Route 66. We also went to Lincoln Park Zoo not long after we arrived in the US. Winter was not a great time to go through. We have been across to Kentucky, literally just over the bridge from Indiana and also across to Ohio. Well Ohio has IKEA and Jungle Jims to we had to go there, but we have also been to Cincinnati Zoo. We have also been to Nashville, Tennessee and St Louis, Missouri. We drove from Indiana to Atlanta, Georgia and on to Charlotte, North Carolina one year as we were going to Great Wolf Lodge after visiting friends near Atlanta. The following year we drove from Indiana to Orlando, Florida as we took the kids to Walt Disney World and came home via New Orleans, Louisiana with a quick stop in a ditch in Mississippi. We went to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Michigan for Memorial Day weekend. Last year we ventured further north and drove to Niagara Falls, Canada via New York State. (This is where I won $221 in a casino). This summer we have travelled around the coastal areas of South Carolina as we had family visiting from the UK.We will shortly be going to Washington, DC as a surprise for Zs 9th birthday. Both Z and K love museums and Z has said he would like to go to the Smithsonian Museums after watching various documentaries on Netflix.

Next year there is the possibility, albeit slight possibility, that I will go to San Diego, California for Comic-Con if I get a ticket, New York City, New York for Ben taking part in a roller-blade thing and somewhere in Florida when the in-laws come to visit.

The way I see it, if the worst happens and we have to leave and go back to the UK, I would hate to have spent several years here and not seen any of the country. I lived in different places in the UK and went on trips etc so I could see parts of that country, makes sense to do the same thing here. You only live once, so they say, and why would you just stay in the same place and go to the same place on holiday every year? We may not have a lot of money and we can't afford to fly to places or stay in fancy hotels and we have to hire a car to go to these places because ours is a heap of junk, but we are going out and seeing stuff. What would you do if you did not know for certain how long you would be living somewhere? Would you stay in the city/state where you're living and not go out and see other places or would you get in your car and go for a drive?


  1. We are really bad for not visiting places, we should get out more!

  2. That was exactly my thought process when I came to the US for college. Home was too far away for me to go back to on school breaks, so my fellow foreign student friends and I used to rent a car and drive all over the country. As a result, I have been to 44 out of the 50 US states! :) As it turns out, I ended up settling down in the South, so I will definitely continue to see more of the US.


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