Thursday, August 30, 2012

Say What Now?

I self censor myself sometimes. I don't always say exactly what I am thinking because sometimes it is just better to not sound daft. I also have the ability to whisper and lower my voice. My kids don't seem to be able to do that. They say exactly what they want to say and when they want to say it. They don't, usually, worry about sounding daft or if anyone is in fact interested in what they have to say. They think something and they say it. Also when they start talking to me I must listen. K can say her piece and be done in a matter of minutes. Since Z has been on his medication for ADD, he has a lot to say. He spent about 10 or 15 minutes talking at me a few days ago. People tell me they could listen to Z & K talk all day, I think mainly due to their accents. K is really cultivating an American accent whilst Z is keeping his English accent.

When we were in Washington DC recently for Z's 9th birthday, K said something that I think only a 7 year old would say. This was after wandering around the day before looking at the White House, Washington Monument etc, "If that is the Capitol Building then where is the Lower Case Building?"

Z came home from school on the first day of the new school year last week and said that a girl, I shall call her H, likes him. He said she had been giving him 'the eye'. Yesterday he came home and said that she'd been giving him 'the eye' again. Not the 'stink eye' but 'I like you' eye. He said she did it for 12 minutes. I'm hoping he didn't actually time her but is just guessing at 12 minutes. He said all through yesterday she was either behind him in line or he was behind her in line. They were in a group at one point and he had to take something from her hands and she smiled when he touched her hand. After going into a lot of description about what happened when and who did what and when, it would seem I was out of place when I asked "What would you do/say if she kissed/asked to kiss you?". His response was a very loud "Mummy!!" (K is the only one of the two of them who calls me 'mommy' now.) Of course he is now 9 so no doubt he will soon be bringing dates home and I will suddenly feel really old.


  1. Beautiful comment from your kid about the lower case building. I read it out loud to my husband, but all he said to say was "You still say Zed. What are you going to teach our children?"

    Oh, the life of an expat spouse…

  2. Ha ha. Very clever comment about capitol and lower case - even if it was a genuine question.


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